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Bridesmaid Proposal Inspiration

You have the ring on your finger – congratulations! What’s one of the next thoughts on your mind? That’s right! Who will be your bridesmaids? Whether it’s the friend you’ve had since childhood, your sister or a more recent bestie (or perhaps all three), there are a ton of cute ways to ask your girls to be an extra special part of your big day. Here we share a few of our favourites.

Arrange a girl’s night in and casually give her this bottle on arrival and wait for the squeals…!

Bottle labels

Source: Pinterest – LabelwithLove

‘Pop’ the question with this helium balloon that reads ‘No ugly dress if you’ll just say yes’.

Bridesmaid balloon

Source: Pinterest – notonthehighstreet.com

The Minimergency Kit for bridesmaids contains 21 little essentials to save your bestie on her big day. Put the kit in a box with a bottle of fizz and macarons, and it becomes the perfect way to ask her to be your bridesmaid while ensuring that she can’t refuse!

Minimergency Kit

Source: Pinterest – Pinch Provisions

Team Hen’s wish bracelets are an inexpensive yet heartfelt way to ask ‘Will you be my Bridemaid?’ They’ll small enough to pop in the post to add to the element of surprise. Each bracelet comes with its very own wish too that is made when it’s put on and is said to come true once the cord on the bracelet starts to fray.

will you be my bridesmaidSource: www.teamhen.co.uk

A lasting sentiment from you to her. Can be worn on your big day and then forever more; a sparkling reminder of the special day you spent together.

Tie the knot earrings

Source: Pinterest – Foxblossom Co.

This one made us laugh at Team Hen HQ. It’s true though, you will need help making those Pinterest dreams a reality!

Bridesmaid Tote

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