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Get Your Glitter On!

Remember how exciting it was at school when you were allowed to use glitter in art sessions? You’d pour too much PVA glue on whatever you were making, and then basically throw glitter at it until the whole area looked like some kind of post apocalyptic world where everything was made of the sparkly stuff. And it was AMAZING.

Now you’re an adult, you no longer need permission to get the glitter out, but in day to day life, it’s hard to find suitable opportunities for glitter. Which is why we’re all for the current trend of glittering YOURSELF. From a glitter tattoo to glittering your bum cheeks, we’ve rounded up the best glitter bars, tattoos, suppliers and looks to make your summer sparkle!

Glitter Boobs

Let’s start with the more subtle options first. Glitter tattoos are a brill way to partake in the glitter trend without covering your surroundings in the sparkly stuff, and if you’re a bit unsure about your skills, they’ll give a perfect finish every time. Using a stencil, the glue is applied to the skin and you can then choose what colours you want the tattoo to be – be adventurous! They’re suitable for anywhere on the body – cheeks (take your pick of which ones!), arms, chest…you decide!

Glitter Tattoos | Gypsy Shrine
Gypsy Shrine

The range of designs is astounding, and there’s sure to be something for everyone in your party – and it’s easy to theme, with people choosing different tattoos in the same colour, or everyone having the same design and changing the colour up.

For fast and mess free application, you can buy glitter tattoos that just need adhering to the skin – how about some Unicorn tears?!?! You can also get amazing gem ‘tattoos’ which can look amazing when applied to your face, and as the gems are placed on the backing already, you’re guaranteed perfect placement for maximum effect.

Gypsy Shrine Bridal Pack
Gypsy Shrine Bridal Pack

If you fancy something a bit…more, how about going freestyle? The range of glitter you can buy is mind-blowing, and if you’re freestyling it, the possibilities for designs are limitless. We’re huge fans of The Gypsy Shrine for their incredible range of glitter – different colours, sizes, shapes…it’s a far cry from the stuff you used as a kid! We love this Bridal Pack if you want a huge range of sizes, colours and gems to play around with. If you’re a bit overwhelmed with where to start, there’s some great tutorials on their site, and plenty of inspiration on their Instagram!

Gypsy Shrine

Another fab glitter merchant is Festival Face, who as an added bonus are working on transforming their whole range to use biodegradable glitter – so you can sparkle and save the planet at the same time. They currently sell a whole range of biodegradable glitters, and there’s no difference in the sparkle or shine of these environmentally friendly ones – so no compromise needed!

For something a bit different, why not glitter your hair?

It looks best on styles with defined partings, and is a great way to wear glitter without it being the main focus of your look. Using hair gel, you can apply as much or as little glitter as you want to your hair, in a whole range of colours as well! As a bonus – if you’re heading to a festival for your Hen Party, this is a novel way to detract from those unwashed roots – just top up each morning and you’re good to go!

Cambridge Glitter Bar
Cambridge Glitter Bar

With the glitter revolution that is coming our way, we are loving the amount of mobile glitter bars – that come to where you’re staying in order to dazzle you up!

Get everyone together to get ready, and have one of the fab companies we’ve found come and apply it all for you! Their knowledge and skills will mean that you can relax with a glass of something sparkling whilst you’re turned in to something sparkling! It’ll be a fab addition to your Hen Party prep, and could be a dazzling surprise for the bride! They’ll be available for you to discuss what you’re after, or you brave enough to let them do whatever they want?

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