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Hen party entertainment is key when planning any hen night.

The right act can make or break your event! Here are some top tips for getting it right…

Plan Early

Organisation is key when planning your entertainment, so getting everything done early is a must. It’s not a surprise that good entertainers book up quickly, so to avoid disappointment by finding out that your perfect entertainer unavailable, book early to ensure their availability. Once you know the exact type of entertainment you will be having, you will need to plan around it. So, it’s worth bearing in mind that the setup of the room will vary, depending on the performer.

Know Your Budget

To ensure that you are looking at entertainers within your budget, know your budget before you start to contact them! Obviously, what you can afford will dictate the quality of the entertainer and the price for a professional performer will depend on their experience and reputation. You also must consider that cost can depend on the date, location and size of your show.

The best way to determine your budget is to put it into perspective, for example determine your per-person cost for entertainment. Let’s face it, it’s probably worth having a higher budget on entertainment than say, food. Quality entertainment will create a lively atmosphere and make an enduring impression, whereas expensive food and drinks will soon be forgotten by your guests.

The fun that your guests have at your event will create long lasting memories, long after the glitter has settled.

Experience Counts

An entertainer that has a wide range of experience in events will be best to amuse your audience!

When choosing the perfect person for your event, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and have a good look at reviews to ensure your potential performer is reputable! Having an entertainer with experience is absolutely essential and you really can’t take a risk on your bestie’s Hen Party!

Suits You Sir…

One of the most important things is to make sure that your entertainer is a specialist who knows the needs and expectations of the environment you want to create. Your entertainer must also be suitable.

You could have a comedy act, as they are great entertainers and will get all of your guests laughing, some can even incorporate magic.

Naked Butlers are ideal entertainment if you want to add some much needed cheekiness to your event. ‘Butlers with Bums’ will be on hand to meet and greet your guests, serve your food and drinks and of course bring that much needed eye candy.

It really is essential to ensure that the content of your entertainer is appropriate, no matter what type of act you choose. Therefore, it is always best to communicate with them.

Now You See Me…

It is best to either see the act in person before you hire them or watch a demo video that they have created! Their demo video should be a montage of clips of your potential performer(s), as well as videos of the audience’s reactions. You will therefore be able to judge whether they are the best fit for your event. If an entertainer cannot provide you with a demo video or you haven’t personally seen them live, do not hire them! This may mean they’re not a professional and probably won’t do your event justice!

Know Your Audience…

Primarily, your event needs to attract and excite your target audience! So something to keep in mind is what does your audience (the Bride!) really want?

For more information on where to hire your very own naked butlers, see Butlers with Bums!

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