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Selfie Time

You’re bound to be taking photos throughout the event regardless, so you may as well make it into a game! If you’re going out to a bar or club and you love a challenge this is a perfect idea.

Get your hens to hunt down a groom look-a-like and get a selfie with them. If they have no luck, ask your bride squad to find a celeb clone instead! Extra brownie points awarded for those who find a real A-lister.

Selfie Hen Party Game | Team Hen

Table Top

Most Hen parties take part around a table, whether it be an afternoon tea, flower arranging course or a cocktail masterclass. You may think this limits your game ideas however there are plenty of table-top games everyone can join in with, even your Great Aunt Mabel. Nothing beats a classic game such as Pictionary or Charades, at Team Hen we have tailored versions of each depending on your preference e.g. Clean, Explicit, Mixed.

Another great game is ‘Hen Do Icebreaker’ perfect if your bridal party is of different generations and aren’t acquainted very well. Simply read the rhyme on your card and then pass it to the person with the matching the description!

Hen Party Games | Charades


No party is complete without nibbles and if you’re a foodie bride why not incorporate your love of food into the games. One of our favourites is Chubby Bunny. All you need is lots of marshmallows! Take it in turns seeing how many you can fit in your mouths; it’s simple yet hilarious.

Say Yes to the Dress

Time to play dress up, hooray! The toilet paper wedding dress game is a must play for creative brides and hens! Split into groups of about 4-5 guests and each group is given about 3 rolls of toilet paper to make a ‘stylish’ wedding dress. Each group must pick one girl in the group to model the dress along a makeshift catwalk. The Bride-to-be has the honors to choose the winner. 

Hen Party Games | Toilet Paper Game

Drinking Games

Admittedly at a Hen Party all activities will have an element of drinking involved in them, however these are specifically games with alcohol at the centre of them!

  • Banned Words

At the beginning of the day/night decide on a number of words that your bridal party are forbidden to say. Whether it be the ‘grooms name’, ‘prosecco’ or something that’s especially challenging… like not being able to call each other by their first names. Every time a word is uttered, the speaker has to take a sip of their drink.

Banned Words Game | Hen Party Games

  • Bra Pong

Beer pong is so last year. We’ve discovered a new, unique version of the house party game – just with a different kind of cup! Clear out a couple of old bras, unleash your DIY skills, get a few ping pong balls and start aiming.

Bra Pong | Hen Party Games

  • Never Have I Ever

A party icebreaker bound to get everyone giggling. Sit in a circle and take turns admitting to something you have never done, those in the bride squad who have done it, for example ‘joined the mile-high club’ then have to drink up!

Never Have I Ever | Hen Party Games


Group Games

No hen party would be complete without the infamous ‘hen night quiz’. Luckily for you, we have created our own, free versions of these – Hurrah! All you have to do is download and print, as many times as you like.

We have a Mr & Mrs Quiz, How Well Do You Know The Bride, and my personal favourite – Polish or Porn. Its much harder than you would think!

Bride Quiz | Hen Party Games

For more hen party game ideas, see our Pinterest board!

Hen Party Ideas | Team Hen



Photo Credits:

Say Yes to the Dress Image –  by Brandi Welles Photographer via Bridal Guide

Never Have I Ever Image – Ellen DeGeneres Show – You Tube

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