Hen Party Hangover Kit | DIY Survival Kit

Hen Party DIY Hangover Kit

Whether you give these favours out to your bride squad after the event as a ‘first aid kit’ or beforehand as ‘survival kits’ both ideas are brilliant if your girls are renowned for going big on the booze!

Where to Begin

If you have a knack for crafty DIY this task should be virtually stress free.

Firstly, you will need something to put all your goodies into.

You could use old mason jars you having laying around, little gift boxes, muslin bags or paper bags. These may sound a bit dull, but this is where your creative flair comes in. Using ribbon, glitter and even hand-drawn calligraphy to give the wow factor.

Perhaps you don’t have an artsy bone in your body, don’t worry! These fun ‘Hangover Recovery Kit‘ party bags are a great option.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Stay Hydrated

Probably the biggest item in your kit will be a bottle of something. This could be water or a ‘hair of the dog’. FYI we’re not talking a litre bottle of tequila! More along the lines of a miniature prosecco or a spirit shot measure (like you get on an airplane).
A really cute way of making your kit look professional, is by styling your items with personalized labels.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Do Not Disturb

This Hen party kit is not only something to have the ‘morning after’, it could also include favours that your Hens can keep forever.
No one likes being woken up early especially when hungover.
By putting a sleep eye-mask or ‘do not disturb’ hotel inspired sign into your kit, it’s sure to be a winner. Even more so for the Hens with children; they will get no end of use out of them.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

To Have and to Hold

Inevitably someone (we all know who it will be) will get a little too drunk! Do not fear, your kit will have the situation covered.
Hair bands are the perfect little favour; stylish and dependable!
Here at Team Hen we have them in over 10 colourful and patterned designs.

Hen Party Hair Ties

Clean Up

We like to live by the motto ‘what happens at the hen party, stays at the hen party’. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with what went down.

No first aid kit is complete without plasters! There’s bound to be blisters and grazed knees throughout the evening.
Make your ladies forget their pain and have a giggle with fun Band-Aid designs.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Perhaps you got a little close to the stripper or DJ last night…

Time to wash away your sins with a little hand sanitiser!

Again by printing your own personalised labels your kit will look way more ‘put together’.
You could even incorporate your Hen party theme in the label design e.g. gold foil writing for a glamourous Great Gatsby vibe.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Morning Maintenance

Nothings worse than breaking a nail; especially when you can’t remember how you did it.
Incorporating a little manicure set such as new nail polish, file and even hand-cream, will really give your girls the TLC they deserve.

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Last but in no means least, lip balm!

If your bride squad is truly wild this can’t go a miss.
There may have been a lot of lip locking the night before so it’s time to restore normality.
Even if some of your Hens are in relationships, with the British weather as bitter and miserable as it is, a little lip moisture will be welcomed.
There are so many cute lip balm flavours on Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet; our favourite being Prosecco flavour, yummy!

Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit


Pinterets board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/teamhenltd/hen-party-diy-first-aid-kit/

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