Hen Party Tattoos | Hen Night Temporary Tattoos

Okay, let us paint a scene for you.

You’ve gone away with your Hens for the Hen Party to end all Hen Parties.

You’re a few fishbowls in, and someone suggests shots. Then someone else comes up with a complicated drinking game that also involves shots. Finally, you leave the bar, and start the stumble home. But wait! There’s a tattoo parlour! You love all these girls, and they all love you! You need to commemorate this weekend! MATCHING TATTOOS FOR ALL!!!!  That’s the best idea anyone has ever had and theres no way you’ll regret this in the morning, because you’re having the best weekend EVER.

Newsflash – you will regret your drunken and matching tattoos. Especially as you got them on your collarbones. And they mis-spelt them, so they read “BIRDE TRIBE”. And your wedding dress is strapless. Oops.

bride baseball cap

Here at Team Hen, we care about you. We care about your gorgeous strapless wedding dress. We care about proper spelling. So, we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve created some gorgeous tattoos that you can apply in the comfort of your rooms before your night out, and which, crucially, will only remain in memories and Instagram posts after the event – yup, they’re temporary!

WAIT! Trust us, temporary tattoos have come on a long way since the ones you used to get with bubblegum in the 90s. For a start, these ones are gold. Gorgeous, shimmery, gold. They’re designed by our in house designer, and utilise the most gorgeous script fonts, and we’re pretty proud of them.

Bride Tribe Gold Tattoos

Our newest tats are these fab “Bride Tribe” ones, and come in packs of 8, so your whole tribe can match. They also match our gorgeous new Bride Tribe badges and bags, for the ultimate in theming, and we think the compact design looks great on wrists or the back of your hand.

If you’re after something a little more delicate, how about our gorgeous script tattoos? These come in seven different phrasings, so you can coordinate your whole party, and identify the bride, maid of honour and ‘maids, before choosing the phrase you think best applies to the rest of the gang – we all know someone who would suit the ‘Drunk In Love” one! These ones would look stunning along your collar bone, or trailing down your forearm – or anywhere really!

Hen Party Tattoos

These tattoos will all last between 1-5 days, depending on your activities, and are easily removed with baby oil once you return to the real world, leaving no trace of the weekend you’ve had – apart from those potentially incriminating Instagram shots…

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