Hen Party Wish Bracelets | A Brief History of Wish Bracelets

Hen Party Wish Bracelets

Modern day wish bracelets are fast becoming the friendship bracelet equivalent of the 1990s, and thankfully much less neon!

Wish Bracelets originate from Brazil, where it is said a wise shaman in the Amazon jungle claimed the health and happiness of his people was due to the secrets of the Wish Bracelet. They were said to be magical and able to answer the wishes of those who wished with a pure and unselfish heart.

Hen Do Wish BraceletThe idea behind the Wish Bracelets is a simple, yet sweet one. As you tie the bracelet on you’re to make a wish – once the cord frays and breaks your wish is said to come true. Though this is unlikely to be scientifically proven any time soon – the sentiment is clear, and appeals to all ages.

Wish Bracelets lend themselves to a wide variety of occasions. They make fantastic wedding table favours for those looking for something a bit different; hen party favours for your nearest and dearest; or a lovely, original way to ‘propose’ to your flower girls or bridesmaids. Each Wish Bracelet is available in a variety of colours and charms, and is presented on its own individual backing card, which itself is fully customisable.

bridesmaid wish bracelet

Our Wish Bracelets use 100% waxed cotton cord, which is a natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic cordage. Our charms are all coated in silver or gold and 100% lead and nickel free.

You can see our huge selection of handmade wish bracelets here

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