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Kate Spade New York Party Theme

Famous for her crisp colours, graphic prints and playful sophistication, Kate Spade is a popular choice for your Hen do theme.

Just think how chic your fellow Hens will feel attending a designer inspired party. It is a great excuse to explore your creativity and just how ‘all-out’ you go is entirely up to you!

Here are our pick of the best Kate Spade Hen Party Theme elements

First things first…


Kate Spade is constantly bringing out new collections, most recently embodying all things botanical. However, if you want to achieve the classic and iconic look, stick to monochrome colours with a hint of fuchsia pink.

It’s time to whip out an old polka dot dress or bold striped blouse. We think your pictures will look particularly fabulous if all the Hens wear black and white, allowing the bride-to-be to remain the centre of attention, solely wearing pink!

Kate Spade Hen Party Theme


Designer fashion is the epitome of class. Your event doesn’t haven’t to take party on a Saturday night like a typical Hen do. Switch it up by organising yours around breakfast and lunch time. We love the phrase ‘brunch and bubbly’ it creates major Sex and the City vibes. You can get invite templates on Etsy and Vista print which are completely customisable to you.

Kate Spade Hen Party Theme
Brit + Co


With the majority of this Kate Spade theme, our motto is ‘less is more’. Of course we love bright pink here at Team Hen but too much may make your venue look tacky. That is why we suggest plain balloons, either black or white; they still give your décor height and impact but won’t take the focus away from the other details.

Kate Spade also recently sold her own ‘love is in the air’ balloons, unfortunately they are no longer available but you could easily copy their slogan style.

Kate Spade Hen Party Theme
Jenny Beck Photography


After trawling Pinterest and Instagram there is an overwhelming winner for a Kate Spade inspired cake. 99% consist of two or three circular tiers, incorporating the classic horizontal stripe, gold glitter/foil and a selection of pink flowers (all deliciously edible).

Your budget will obviously determine the size and height of your cake. If you are paying for a professional bakery to make and decorate, be sure to give it pride of place in your venue, on its own cake table for guest to admire and photograph.

Kate Spade Hen Party Theme

Party Favours

We’ve discover the cutest party favour idea ever. As you know Kate Spade is queen of fun designer handbags and this DIY gift symbolises that. Simply choose a type of chocolate bar (possibly pick the brides’ favourite as a nod to her). Then wrap the bar with a ‘chocolate clutch’ label and attach some string to create a bag effect.

Chocolate and handbags, you can’t go wrong.

kate spade hen party theme

Kate Spade Hen Party Theme

We have a dedicated Pinterest board on all things Kate, so check it out here…



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