Party Balloon Love

Balloon Love

If you’re anything like us at Team Hen HQ, you’ll have a love of macarons, pink flamingos, classy cocktails and balloons! What is there not to love about balloons? They come in all shapes and sizes and they basically just make people happy!

In recent years, the balloon industry has grown dramatically and is ‘fit to burst’ with eye-catching, quirky party pieces, perfect for making a statement, some are even big enough to hide behind!

Many can be used without helium, just use a straw and a bit of puff, making them reusable and a very inexpensive way to create a striking visual impact.

Balloons make the perfect hen party accessory and photo prop. Lucky for you, Team Hen have a vast selection to choose from, a number of them feature below alongside some of our other favs!

Diamond Ring

Add a little bling to your hen party with this 30 inch, helium diamond ring! The perfect size for the Bride to be to adorn during your non-stop photo sessions.

Just £6.00 and available from Team Hen.

Rainbow balloons

So simple, yet so effective. You will need quite a lot of helium to create this rainbow, but boy-oh-boy would it be worth it!

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Be Wild. Have Fun.

Say it like it is with these cute statement balloons. They come in a set of 3 and can be filled with helium or air.

Available from Team Hen and are £6.50.

Kissing lips

Pucker up and party! These kissing lips will provide you with endless amounts of fun and stacks hilarious photo opportunities. This one is air-filled and re-useable.

Just £6.00 and available from Team Hen.

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Yay balloon

Our ‘yay’ balloon is one of our best sellers, it’s easy to see why! Perfect for making any occasion a little bit more special. Stick it to the wall to make a first class centre piece. This one is also air-filled and re-useable.

Available from Team Hen and a snip at £8.

Flamingo balloon

We couldn’t end without a flamingo making an appearance. They are so much more than the bird used as a croquet mallet in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! We love them, you love them, in fact I think it’s fair to say the whole world is in love with them right now!

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